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Buy Windows 10 Professional Phone Activation

Buy Windows 10 Professional phone activation key for  the best price at After order we will send the activation Key with via e-mail. One time payment and get Lifetime license. Order Now and get your license key to active your windows & running well your computer.

Windows 10 operating system is so easy and familiar to operate, you’ll become an expert within a matter of minutes. Start Menu is back in the form of a larger version. Windows 10 starts up and restarts quickly, and has integrated security features to ensure your PC is secure and it is built to work with the software and hardware that you already own.

Product Details

Brand: Microsoft

Platform: Windows 10

Format: Single Use Digital License

Language: Multilingual (it is possible to change language settings after installation; Language Interface Packs are also available for download separately)


The Windows 10 Pro version is a convenient version that provides all of the features as the Windows 10 Home, with convenient business-related features. A person could use this on their laptop or desktop at work, and it becomes the ultimate personalized computer.

Windows 10 offers new and unique features to ensure you have the latest and safest update. It has the fastest Microsoft-built update to date, as well as updated security systems to help protect your system against malicious software.

Windows 10 Professional Features

Familiar And Easy To Use

The familiar Start menu is back, and better than ever, providing you access to all of your most essential tools. Windows 10 Pro works with more equipment and software, as well as those are already installed.

Fast and Smooth 

Windows 10 Pro starts quickly, is quick to resume and runs apps with ease that make older computers appear brand new. The brand new Battery Saver feature helps you stay active and entertained more than the other OS previously.

Peace Of Mind

Windows 10 Pro has upgraded security features as well as automatic updates that help to keep you up-to-date with the most recent security features and technologies.

Windows 10 Compatibility

Windows 10 is designed to be compatible with programs running in Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. The files and documents you have stored are protected, so you don’t need to worry about items being lost or damaged.

Your Own Digital Assistant

Cortana is your online personal assistant, which can be found on all of the Windows 10 Pro devices to help you complete your tasks.

More multi-tasking.

Find new and innovative ways to organize your life and productive. You can quickly install up to four applications on one screen and build virtual desktops in case you require more space.

Great for Office.

Windows 10 Pro is the perfect companion to run the most powerful productivity suite in the world, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You can search for Office Packages through our website.

Encryption enhanced.

You can also increase your security by using BitLocker to protect your data by encrypting it as well as security monitoring.

Remote Desktop Connection.

Windows 10 Pro enables you to login using Remote Desktop to sign in and access the Pro PC while at home or out on the road.

Virtual machine.

Make and manage virtual machine by using Hyper-V, allowing you to operate multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same system.

Your apps are available in the Store.

Windows 10 Pro lets you create your own application section within the Windows Store for convenient access to business applications.

Download Windows 10 Professional

If you need the download link, click here for microsoft official DOWNLOAD link.

Window 10 Professional-System requirements

• Processor. 1 Gigahertz or faster

• RAM. 1 Gigabyte for the 32-bit version and 2 Gigabytes for the 64-bit version

• Hard Disk Space. 16 Gigabytes for the 32-bit and 20 Gigabytes for the 64-bit

• Graphics. DirectX9 or later with a WDDM 1.0 drive (some games and apps may require upgraded graphics card for optimal performance and graphics)

• Display. 1024×600

• Cortana. This feature is only supported in the U.S., UK, China, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

• Encryption. PC with Instant Go and TPM 2.0

• BitLocker. TPM 1.2, 2.0, or USB Flash Drive (BitLocker To Go requires a USB flash drive for encryption)

• Hyper-V. SLAT capabilities and an additional 2 Gigabytes of RAM

Additional information


Operating System


Activation Limit

For 1 PC

Activation Type


Delivery Type

Via Email

Delivery Time



we will take a step-by-step look at the process of activating Windows 10 by the phone. This activation may be necessary in different cases, for example, when there is no possibility of connecting a PC to the Internet, or the key for some reason gives an error of online activation. Or in any other cases, activation by phone is the same official way of activating Microsoft applications as online activation.

1) The first thing you need to activate is the key itself for your edition of Windows 10. If you do not have the original key for this version of the system, you can purchase it in our catalog. Delivery of keys is instant, to your email immediately after payment. Warranty and 24/7 support of our store.

2) Now let’s proceed to the activation of Windows 10 by phone. Click on the Start menu => Enter in the search bar CMD => Then right-click on the result “Command Prompt” => Run as administrator 

3) Next, in the command promt itself (terminal), enter the command slmgr -ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (where “X” is the key itself). Then press Enter.

If the product key has been accepted, a window should appear with the message “Installed product key successfully”.

4) Enter the following command: slui 4, and also press the Enter button on the keyboard.

5) Next, you will see a window with the choice of your country of location, for example, from the drop-down menu we select “United Kingdom”. (You choose your location) Then click “Next”.

6) Now you will have a window of direct activation by phone.

– We call the specified Microsoft number

– Press 1 on the phone keyboard, agreeing with the recording of the call (or 2, disagreeing).

– Activate Windows, press 1

– Then press 2 (menu “Otherwise”)

– We are at the computer and there is an activation screen in front of us – press 1.

– Now the robot will ask you to enter the installation ID (Installation Code) from step 2 as in the screenshot below. Enter the numbers sequentially, in blocks.

You need to enter your installation code, which is exactly what you have in the activation window program by phone, in our screenshot below is an example.

7) After entering the digits of the job, then he will dictate to you a response confirmation code. You must enter these numbers in the next window in blocks from A to H.

After completing the input of the response numbers from the robot, click “Activate Windows”. If everything is successful, your Windows will be activated.

Now you can restart your PC and check the activation status of your Windows 11, if everything went correctly, the activation state should be “Active”.

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