Bcdkey is an international e-commerce platform based in USA. We provide effective sales services and new avenues for the distribution of software and gaming products.

Our team is composed of e-commerce specialists and gamers with many years of experience and well-established competence in this fascinating industry. We are intimately familiar with the market, and we know how to help developers and distributors reach a wider audience.

At Bcdkey, we are committed to selling the latest software at fantastic prices. Whether you are looking for the latest Microsoft Office products, the very latest Windows releases, or software for your server, we have the answer.. BCDKEY is among the digital market leaders in the global software retail segment. We work hard to offer efficiency, professional service, and protect the environment. Our business model is 100% digitalized and our products are only delivered via email to cut pollution and packaging waste. BCDKEY is an Eco-Friendly Company!

Competitive prices, instant delivery, secure payments, and our free specialized support. are our key strengths and source of pride across our team.


You can contact our friendly team of staff via any of the methods below:

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